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State Employee Compensation Program

Pilates classes at no cost for you





Did you know that as an employee for the State of NH, you are eligible for Pilates classes at no cost to you? Concord Pilates works with Anthem Insurance as a way to help state employees stay fit and healthy. 


How It Works


If you are a state employee, Anthem will pay for your classes at Concord Pilates. They cover up to $450 per year, as long as you take a minimum of 8 classes per calendar month (about 2 classes per week). You can take more if you like, but 8/month is the minimum.


We charge Anthem your membership amount, which is $99 per month if you choose our mat membership, or $139 per month if you choose our combo membership. We bill your insurance provider directly; you do not have to pay for these classes and then wait to get reimbursed, and you do not have to deal with the hassle of figuring out how to send in a claim. 

Each month, the respective amount is deducted from the allocation of $450. Your allocation for classes therefore lasts about 4 months, depending on how often you attend class.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this program. We would be happy to help you get started today! Be sure to first check with Anthem to assure your plan includes this benefit.





I’d like to take Pilates year-round. What is the best way to do this?


Many of our insurance students take advantage of the special deal we offer during our Pilates Challenges. Three times per year we offer a Pilates Challenge package that allows you to attend classes at a discounted rate. If you pay for this yourself and use your insurance for the remainder of the year, you can cover much of the year that way. 



How does the class registration process work, if I’m on this plan?


Because we bill Anthem directly, you will not be able to sign up online for classes. However,  you can very easily call us or send us an email with your request for a spot in class. 



Do you have Health Insurance?


Even if you are not a state employee you still may be eligible to receive benefits or discounts through your insurance provider. Here is a list of possible insurance providers that may fall in this category!


  • Anthem
  • Martins Point
  • HPM
  • Foy Insurance
  • Humana
  • Brownell Insurance
  • Assurant Health
  • Allen Associates Insurance
  • State Farm
  • Gosselin Insurance

    Please contact your provider and specifically ask for health fitness/wellness reimbursement opportunities.


If you don’t see your provider in this list please contact them and ask. You could still be eligible, as some health insurances have a fitness reimbursement plan.


Your Medical Condition Might Prompt Eligibility  


 Even if you're not eligible for fitness reimbursement but you are diagnosed with a certain medical condition your health insurance provider might see this as an opportunity for eligibility. If Pilates can help your medical condition then your insurance provider might assist your healing process by reimbursing your classes/sessions.