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Pilates For Injury Prevention and Recovery

We are excited to work with your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor to helping you transition from rehab into daily activities after your injury or surgery! Pilates’ active approach to post-rehabilitation puts the tools for your continued recovery into your own hands (under the careful guidance of a highly trained teacher).

Pilates for Performance Improvement

You’re active and you like challenging your body. You’d like to be faster on the bike, smoother on your skis, more precise on the golf course, and generally like to beat your own personal records. Pilates cleans up your movement, fine-tunes your skills and makes you a better athlete. Due to its low impact exercises and low repetition focus, Pilates is the perfect way to cross-train any sport. Make your recovery days count.

Pilates For Health

Pilates is a great whole body workout without impact or strain on your joints. No muscle will remain unused,  while keeping the focus on balancing asymmetries. No mindless repetition, instead well designed focused full-body movements that honor your body’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. The goal of Pilates is to leave feeling better than before you stepped into the studio, not exhausted and drained.

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