Pilates Training


Individualized Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates offers customized exercises to suit your personal abilities and goals.

Joseph Pilates originally intended his exercise program to be taught in one-on-one, individualized sessions. A private Pilates session can help you reach your goals more quickly, find the most efficient, effective exercises, assure you are in correct form and control, and motivate you to stay the course.

Here are a few (real-life!) examples of what we do in private sessions:

  • Create a home program that you can follow when you can't get to the studio.

  • Assess your needs and explain which areas you need to work on to reduce pain or create balance and harmony in the body.

  • Address sports- or lifestyle specific pain or issues.

  • Help you stay healthy through the course of your life, no matter what happens.

Share a session with a friend. Grab a friend, co-worker, or someone in one of your classes and save on the cost of the private session! 

If you need a workout buddy, to help hold you accountable, let us know and we'll try to pair you with one of our students.

Solo Sessions Pricing

50-minute Sessions
$60 - $75 per session
$100 - 125 per session with Master Teacher

25-minute Sessions
$33 - $45 per session

Duet Sessions Pricing

50-minute Sessions
$33 - $45 per session per person


Group Classes

To join one of our group classes, you must know your program well enough to practice it without the help of a teacher. This includes equipment setup knowledge. Please contact us to schedule your free initial consultation and your prerequisite private sessions. This step can be achieved after about 8 private sessions.

By Design Class Package

8 Classes - $200

Expires after 10 Weeks. Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours before the scheduled class time and can then be made up in another class. No drop-in options available.


Independent Practice


An optional third step to going deeper into your practice and highly recommended to see faster results from your hard work.

This is your opportunity to practice independently at the studio once approved by your teacher.. A written exercise list will be prepared. Please inquire specifics at the front desk.

Available to approved members in addition to their regular weekly class or private session under a teacher’s supervision. Consider IP your second or third practice of the week.

Independent Practice

$10 per visit

Schedule your independent practice ahead of time. Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.


Workshops & Events

Posture clinics, focus classes and workshops exploring posture related subjects such as foot mechanics, knee pain, back and neck pain and much more.