Wendy Olcott - August 2016

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"Pilates is exactly what I needed. Something was missing in my workouts before Pilates."


Wendy has been a consistent, passionate Pilates student since September 2015. After mentioning to a colleague that she was thinking of taking a yoga class, this colleague recommended Pilates. (Thank you, Sarah G.!)

“Before starting Pilates, I felt good. I had always exercised, mostly walking, hiking, running (until my knees didn’t like it anymore) and many workout videos (i.e. insanity, beach body, etc). But I felt something was missing in my workouts, core strength in particular. I wanted something that would strengthen my body, without beating it up. 

My experience so far has been fantastic. I’m loving Pilates! It’s exactly what I needed. I love coming to two classes a week. One wouldn’t be enough. I feel more flexible and stronger, and my knees have been doing better. 

In addition to Pilates, I take daily morning walks. We have big hills where I live, so my heart rate goes up quite high, which is a good cardio workout. If I get a late start in the morning for my walk, sometimes I run the rest of the way home. And my knees are fine with it. 

As I’m getting older, I find that walking just isn’t enough. I feel I need to do other forms of exercise to stay in shape. Pilates has been a good fit. 

I can’t believe how much I love Pilates, especially the plank in all variations. It’s my favorite.”
Mara Sievers