Martha Massey - January 2018

Martha Massey pic.jpg

“After trying other forms of exercise I have come to realize that Pilates is where it’s at. It’s made me strong in the areas I need it most and the concentration is good for my mind.”


“I have been practicing Pilates on and off for fifteen years. Before starting Pilates, I felt like my body had no strength. After starting here, I realized how strong and flexible it has made me. I also feel very good mentally, which is huge for me. During the exercises I become very focused because Pilates is all about form and doing the exercise correctly. This concentration is very good for my mind.

Mara is wonderful because she is so specific to each individual she is working with. She saw very quickly what my weaknesses were and picked specific exercises to work on those weaknesses. Other Pilates teachers I've had in the past would just go through a set routine with me. I was still moving, but I didn’t feel the exercises were targeting my needs. Mara’s approach is far better because I'm gaining strengths in the areas that need it most.

I also like the way Mara corrects me. With her, I never feel that I am doing a bad job. When she offers a correction, she tells me clearly and without judgement what I should try to do and how, which is very helpful. She guides me in doing it right.

My sessions at Concord Pilates are the best Pilates instruction I have ever experienced because my teacher is so knowledgeable and aware of my body. Concord Pilates is such a whole body exercise and experience. Pilates it's where it's at!"

Mara Sievers