Judith Godfrey - March 2018

Judith Godfrey 2.2018.jpg

“I have been rejuvenated all over."


"Before Pilates, I wasn't very strong and felt as though I was aging quickly. I was dealing with a leg that couldn't flex because of an infection and I wasn't able to do the things I normally did. My knees were garbage because there is no cartilage and I just felt that I was getting old.

Pilates has truly saved my life. I know this sounds a little dramatic but now I feel like I have bought back some years because I'm so much stronger. My husband and I took a one week bike trip to Europe a couple of years ago and I would not have been able to do that if I had not done Pilates.

I have been practicing at Concord Pilates for three years now and it has made it possible for me to stay out of the knee replacement territory. When I'm in the shower I say to myself 'Oh my God those aren't my skinny weak little legs that I'm used to seeing, those look like somebody else's legs. They are muscular!’

I encourage people to start Pilates now... Don't wait. I wish I had started Pilates years ago. Concord Pilates is a very special place with a lot of options and very unique to any other Pilates studio. I enjoy the fact that I can come with my husband and it's something we can do together and we have a blast and feel great
together! This is the place to be.”
Mara Sievers