Sara Krzyzaniak - April 2018

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“Dreams do come true in Pilates. The little things I couldn't do before I can now do with no problem. Touch my toes with no pain, hike, squat down, put my arms behind my back, ride a bike, sit or stand for long periods of time, even push-ups! I have a waist again, and definition in my core, legs, and arms.” 


"I attend Pilates once a week and do some homework movements at home and I have been doing this for about a year now. My life before Pilates was difficult, it was a challenge. I had serious hip issues due to an accident in the early 2000's and never fully recovered from it in spite of all the physical therapy, manipulative therapy, and chiropractic work that I was consistently having done. About a year and a half ago I had a pretty bad flare up with my hip and it knocked me out of commission. I couldn't do anything without terrible pain.

I started physical therapy again and more frequent visits to the chiropractic office. No long term relief. There were movements in physical therapy that I should have been able to do and couldn't. I learned that my strength and flexibility had depreciated so much. If that wasn't frustrating enough, there was also very little improvement from my overall purpose there. In the end, I was not in much pain anymore but I still couldn't do a lot of things without discomfort. My doctor suggested new things for me to work on. Pilates, yoga, and dance. All three things that I knew were out of my league and I kind of laughed at him. I then realized he was serious. He wanted me to try them in that order, too. So I started talking about Pilates to people and I received two recommendations to go to Concord Pilates and meet Mara. They said it will change your life! I said well that just seems too good to be true!

I set up a consultation with Mara to find out for myself. She had me go through a series of movements to test my strength and flexibility. It was a huge eye opener when she had me do a push-up and I face planted to the floor. I never had a problem with push-ups before! Just goes to show how long it had been since I had done one, and proved to me how much my strength really had diminished. I started out at Concord Pilates with solo sessions to first learn the equipment and how to use the funky looking things properly before I was released to tackle them on my own. Once I mastered them I got into the Pilates by Design classes with other people. My first thought was ugh....a class...with other people while I do all these funky movements? Well, it turned out that we all were there for the same thing!  To better our bodies and work on our individual needs with the guidance from Mara who customized a workout routine for whatever ailment we had. Even though there are other people in the room, Mara is still there looking out for you and assists you where needed so it still feels like a one-on-one session.

I remember when I first realized how much stronger I had gotten because I asked Mara for a more challenging movement. Or if I would be doing an exercise that didn't feel right...I would say 'help me Rhonda! What am I doing wrong?!' It was so funny the first time I said that, Mara asked me 'Did you just call me Rhonda?'. She gets it now....phew! Lets just say that not only is Pilates inspiring, relaxing, and motivating as you learn about your strengths and weaknesses and work to overcome them and reach the next level of well-being. It's exciting! The classes are fun-filled with wonderful encouraging and supportive people. I now have the knowledge of how to move properly through my day, everyday movements are much easier. Mara's little voice in my head reminds me not to shrug my shoulders! I really wish it didn't take a doctor to recommend Pilates to me. I wish more people were talking about Pilates so I could have started sooner! Pilates has changed my life and how I feel while exploring it.

My advice to people is don't go through your life and its adventures suffering. Come to the studio where you will meet the kindest people. Everyone there is great. They are all there for you and your special needs to help you gain strength and flexibility where needed. Its a non-judgmental place with a serene atmosphere that is customized to YOU. Go better yourself. You won't be disappointed."
Mara Sievers